She is –

…running for President of The Earth…

She is –

…serving an Injunction On History

She is –

…pregnant With The Future in Her Belly 

She is –

…representing Oppressed Women Globally 

She is – 

Bazidii Dalii Dii Gaiyana Reen-fares Baag-leedii  (Bassidy Dolly The Guyana Rainforest Baglady) 

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... in this temple dwells a god; she is known as the idea

…would reveal her pristine secrets to them alone with vision

worthy to defend her trove; secrets she now clasps timorous

in her bosom – were delivered for protecting

those who passed this way before

respectful of this timeless story – whoso would herein

discover horizons blazon green/gold splendor;

and bear witness in reverent wonder at western sun

that’s setting yet reflecting day is dawning from

Roraima’s mountaintop from whereon we send our

pristine prayers for preservation of her eternal womb.

some may claim to know and love her – 

yet they fail to deconstruct her definitions –

patrimony history futurity – they know not 

though she is mother she is also neuter and

the enduring expectation of things 

hoped for in all our dreams.

to speak of race is to disgrace the idea!

just come here to her temple…rest awhile upon soft huya beds

on rocks in river flowing love; come communion

with other gods she has mated…created –

come see her here where she resides –


– essequibo forest temple of GUYANA.

beloved metaphor – mother/womb hurting

with endless screams asserting –

‘look what they’re doing to your mother these damned debauchers.’

joan cambridge

yukuriba  heights circa 2000